Tobacco Growing and Cigar Making Regions in the World

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The most well-known countries when it comes to the cultivation of tobacco and the production of cigars are the islands of Central America and the Caribbean but fine cigars and quality leaves are not only made in that particular region. Tobaccos and cigars are also grown and produced in several other regions aside from the Caribbean.

Cameroon, a country between Nigeria and Central African Republic, is famous for the production of very mild tobacco from the Sumatran seed which is favorable for those who want to emphasize the cigar’s filler. The tobacco makers of Cameroon produces high quality cigar wrapper leaves with distinctive vein patterns.

Indonesia is another country that uses Sumatran-born seeds. The dark brown tobacco leaf from Indonesia resembles that of Cameroon’s. It is neutral in flavor and it is often used in wrappers. Indonesian cigars are easily spotted because of their small size.

Another Asian contributor to the tobacco growing and cigar making business is the Philippines. Although its products are not considered at the level of Central America’s, the hybrids grown in the Philippines make very aromatic cigars.

Mexico is also a tobacco growing region. In San Andreas Valley, a cultivar of the Sumatra seed is used as the base of the filler for Mexican cigars. A variation of this used for the production of maduro wrappers, the dark brown or reddish brown tobacco. Mexico specializes in the production of dark, aromatic, and full-flavored cigars.

The South part of the United States is no longer considered as the tobacco king of the country but it still continues to grow fine wrapper leaves. In the north part of the country, the Connecticut River Valley north of Hartford produces a highly priced shade-grown brownish yellow product that is called the Connecticut Shade.

The Connecticut Shade is highly elastic which makes it very useful in the production process, especially in rolling. It also has a medium-bodied flavor that adds delightful accents to a blend of Ligero fillers. The combination results to a premium smoke.

Aside from the Connecticut Shade, the country is also known for the Connecticut Broadleaf. Developed in the northeastern United States, the Connecticut Broadleaf is a dark leaf that often makes its way into the maduro-style of cigars. It is heavier than shade-grown tobacco.

The different origins of the tobaccos still apply the same quality standards to the final result of their products. They still make sure that a fine cigar is the one that not only tastes good but also burns well. In the end, if the people enjoy the smoke then they have found a fine cigar.

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