Tips on Selecting a Great Humidor

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One way of maintaining the peak of freshness of cigars is by keeping them in a humidor. A humidor is a storage box that provides a constant temperature and humidity that will maintain the freshness and flavors of cigars. It comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials.

When it comes to the selection of a humidor, it is important to figure out the frequency of cigar smoking. A person who likes a good smoke at least once a week doesn’t need a large humidor. A humidor that can hold a couple of dozen cigars will be fine. It is also important to choose a humidor that contains a moisture gauge and an internal sponge. This modest-priced humidor is available in attractive woods with Spanish cedar interiors.

People who smoke one cigar every single day may want to buy something larger unless they smoke a fairly limited variety of types and brands or re-stock on a regular basis. A lot of cigar aficionados prefer keeping different types of cigars separated, thus needing multiple humidors.

Since cigars give off odor even if they’re well kept, different types and brands have to kept separately from each other. For example, the light lonsdales have to be away from the heavy macanudos.

There are a lot of humidors available that are made not only as truly functional storage bins but also as beautiful furniture pieces. A common style in humidors is the use of fine woods, attractive wrought brass, and elegant beveled glass in the form of an antique. This style creates an elegant setting for fine cigars.

Another important element to be considered in selecting a humidor is the humidity control. There are some humidors that allow the changing of sponges and desiccants without opening the main enclosure while some have combination or key locks. A truly well-made humidor can keep a good cigar at the conditions experienced by the tobacco while it was being grown. They can help maintain the freshness and the flavors of the cigars for about two years or more.

The interior of a good humidor will maintain a 69F temperature and a 70-75% humidity. A moisture measuring gauge called a hygrometer and a thermometer are often incorporated in in order to show the condition inside the humidor.

Good humidors have to be well-sealed but not too airtight. Since the needed humidity is fairly high, a completely sealed humidor will only have an excessively moist environment that may promote peeling or mold growths.

The existence of a completely stagnant air in the interior of a humidor has to be avoided. A well-constructed humidor has the ability to balance this just right. Moisture have to be fed into the humidor from time to time because there will necessarily be a little amount of evaporation.

Additional humidor accessories that are both stylish and functional are trays. Different trays may be used to hold cigars that are to be placed in the same humidor but in different areas. Some trays actually have small areas or hooks that are intended to hold cutters and lighters. Find something that is both functional and beautiful.

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