The Proper Way of Storing Cigars

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Agricultural products are usually at their best as fresh. The same thing goes with cigars. Even high quality cigars will not taste that good if they are stale. Keeping good cigars in perfect condition for a long time is fairly easy if they are stored properly.

The two factors that affect the cigars the most are air and moisture. The oxygen contained in air combines with many of the organic compounds in a cigar tobacco. Such combinations will ultimately be disadvantageous to the cigar because it changes the chemical characters of the compounds. The oils, the plant molecules, and the other substances contained in a cigar tobacco will literally change into something else upon mixing with air.

Too much moisture can encourage the growth of organisms such as the beetle larvae. These growths cannot be entirely prevented even by the most diligent quality control of cigars. Moisture can also promote the growth of mold that can wilt and loosen the cigar’s wrapper while spoiling the interior. A higher amount of moisture present in the cigar also means that there is more oxygen.

Very little moisture can also have some harmful effects on cigars. It can cause a tobacco to feel and taste stale, the leaf to wither, and the flavors to deaden. It also causes the wrapper to lose its protective ability by becoming crumbly.

The right level of moisture or humidity must be achieved in order to maintain the freshness of the cigars. The best way to control the humidity level is to store the cigars in a humidor. Humidors are boxes which are either made of wood or glass that come in a hundred styles and sizes. The most popular humidor is probably the Spanish cedar because of its excellent moisture control and superior insect resistance.

Most humidors have gauges that allow the level of humidity to be adjusted. Some gauges are visible through a glass. The interior humidity level may be maintained by accomplishing the perfect combination of the wood, the water, the tight seal, and the holding mechanism. The holding mechanism is often in the form of a small sponge.
Substitutes for the humidor are glass and metal tubes. They may be used to store a lesser number of cigars that will not be kept for a very long time. Glass and metal tubes are often used for keeping cigars when traveling. They are also used to store partially smoked cigars. Because a good cigar can last for about an hour or more, glass or metal storage tubes are quite handy for storing the unused portion of the cigars.

A partially smoked cigar must never be put back into a humidor because its odor and compounds can steeply undercut the flavor of the other cigars. This causes the value of the other cigars to lessen.

Cigars must be kept in places with just the right level of moisture and enough amount of air. Properly stored cigars will have rich flavors and will produce top smokes.

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