The Correct Way of Smoking a Cigar

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Smoking a cigar seems to be a simple thing to do. Simply smoking a cigar may be easy but smoking it correctly is a very different thing.

The first thing that has to be remembered when it comes to smoking cigars is to avoid inhaling. Cigars are definitely not fat cigarettes and their smoke is not to be inhaled. Most first timers may instinctively inhale the smoke produced by the cigar but they should remember to prevent themselves from doing so the next time they smoke a cigar.

Carefully puffing a few times before slowly blowing out the smoke is the correct way of smoking a cigar. It is supposed to be relaxing so it doesn’t need to be rushed. The cigar should be held a few inches away from the face of the smoker. Cigar smokers may also put it down for a while so they can take a sip of their favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or cognac. Another brandy option would be an Armagnac, a more high-toned cousin of the cognac.

A good cigar would stay lit all by itself for a few minutes but it will go out eventually. Although some cigar enthusiast may argue this, it is perfectly fine to re-light a cigar because it will still taste fine after all.

The band could be removed after a few minutes. It is best to be careful when tearing off the band because it might pull the wrapper loose from the cigar. For an easier removal of the band, the cigar should be allowed to heat up so that the heat will pass through its length to soften the glue on the wrapper.

A good cigar would retain ash much longer than a cigarette and some people make a kind of contest just to see up to how long they can produce the ash. An ash that is longer than an inch is most likely to wind up on the pants or the carpet.

As the cigar becomes shorter, the taste becomes stronger and the smoke becomes hotter. People can smoke as much or as little as they want. Upon deciding to stop smoking the cigar, the cigar smoker should put his cigar down the ashtray in such a way that it wouldn’t fall out or in. The cigar would stop burning spontaneously after a couple of minutes. Tamping the cigar out should be avoided since it would introduce unpleasant odors upon re-lighting.

Some people say that a half-smoked cigar should never be stored only to be re-lit later. However, it’s a matter of taste; some people decide to store their cigars, especially the expensive ones, to be able to enjoy the again.

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