The Return of the Golden Age of Cigars

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A couple of years ago, cigars were not favored by a lot people due to their image that associates them with sweaty politicians and disorderly couch potatoes. In the 19th century, cigars reclaimed their image of elegance and their popularity.

There are a lot of smoking clubs, both real and online, nowadays. Cigar reviews usually describe the pleasure of relaxing in leather chairs, sipping from a glass of Cabernet, and puffing on a flavorful corona. The whole cigar experience is now considered to be a well-earned reward for a hard day’s work.

Cigar smoking has caused a lot of people to find enjoyment in hunting down a perfect perfecto and a robust robusto. Just like having a favorite barber, some cigar aficionados even have their preferred tobacconist that will answer their questions and will help satisfy their cigar cravings.

Aside from explaining the difference between a lonsdale and a torpedo, tobacconists will help cigar enthusiasts to learn more about the different types of tobacco and the different styles of cigars. They also tell stories about the origins of the tobaccos, how they are grown and how they affect the flavor and the quality of the cigars to help novices understand why Dominican Republic is only second best to Cuba in the cigar industry.

Other things to be learned about cigars is the proper way they are cut, lit, and smoked. They’ll know if it’s better to use a guillotine, a wedge, or a lancer when cutting their cigars or if it’s more convenient to use a cedar strip or a match when lighting a cigar.

Storing cigars is also one thing that has to be learned by heart because properly keeping and decently aging the cigars will lead to increased delightfulness. Cigar enthusiasts will also learn the difference between blue molds and blooms to know if a cigar is spoiled or not. Of course, they also have to know how to avoid a cigar from being spoiled.

You’ll discover the many tools and accessories used to make cigar storage and smoking optimal. Cutters, lighters, humidors and other fine tools all have their distinctive properties. The novice will want to learn which types achieve the desired results, and how to use them to do it.

Cigar aficionados and novices alike may take part in the cigar Renaissance. The small investment in time and money will eventually returned many times over in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Then you’ll be in the best position to benefit from the advice readily available on the Internet about those fine cigars, those excellent tools and those life-enhancing clubs. Sitting in that plush chair, swapping a couple of stories, and smoking a great new Churchill will help people understand the meaning of the word Renaissance, which is rebirth.

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