The Contents of a Cigar

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A cigar is a tightly rolled stick of dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited at one end so that it can be used for smoking. It usually has a diameter of about half an inch and a length of about six inches. Although its description may seem so simple, a cigar becomes complex when its contents are described.

The tobaccos found in a cigar came from different countries. Cigar tobacco cultivation in Cuba can be traced a couple of centuries ago. Nowadays, other countries like Honduras, Dominican Republic, and even the United States have also entered the cigar tobacco cultivation industry.

The manner by which the tobaccos are grown greatly affects their characteristics. A tobacco grown in the shade creates a mild smoke while a tobacco grown in the open develops a fuller and denser taste. The bundling of the tobacco and the selection of the filler also affects the quality and the taste of the tobaccos.

There are two types of filler used in the production of tobaccos: a short one and a long one. The short type of filler is composed of little pieces of tobacco leaves. These are usually the leftovers from the early processing of higher quality cigars. The long type of filler, on the other hand, is made up of long strips of tobacco leaves. The long type of filler produces a more uniform draw and a more distinct flavor because the leaves that were used are of very high quality.

The cigar component which encloses the filler to ensure the firmness of the cigar is called the binder. The binder, which is also made of tobacco leaves, does not contribute to the taste of the cigar.

The outer layer of the cigar that holds everything together is the wrapper. The spiral lines found in the wrapper of the cigar is the edge of the leaf that wraps the interior part of the tobacco.

Cigars may be categorized according to their respective colors. A candela, for example, has a greenish-brown wrapper leaf. The preservation of the green color of the leaf may be achieved by harvesting the leaf before it’s fully ripe and by treating it with heat afterwards. The wrapper leaf used in candelas is rarely used nowadays but it is still found in some 5-pack cigars which can be bought from stores that do not specialize in the quality of tobacco products. Another type of cigar is the oscuro. The dark brown leaf of the oscuro is grown in countries like Brazil and Nicaragua. The dark brown leaf contributes to the overall flavor of the cigar.

No one can really say which cigar type is the best because the preferences of people when it comes to the taste of cigar always varies. Cigar selection should be done carefully. People should ask about the cigar’s components first before making their decision of buying it.

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